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Spring Landscape Planning
Posted on: April 1, 2017

Georgina Garden Centre Landcape Portfolio Cover

Spring Landscape Planning

The weather is starting to warm so now is a perfect time to start planning your landscape projects. Try our official project planner to help simplify the process so you can start enjoying your fresh design sooner.

**** Important****
When planning your plantings, it is important to note that the lack of leafs out in the early spring may mislead you when gauging the amount of sunlight you receive.

For Do-it-Yourself Projects try this quick 5 step checklist:

GGC 5 Step DYI Patio Planner

  1. Determine hardscape: walkways, patios, steps and their sizes, shapes and locations
  2. Determine the material: pavers, gravel, mulch, etc.
  3. Determine garden bed size, shape and location
  4. Determine the plant material, make sure to check your spaces availability of light first
  5. Determine how you will finish off the area: garden edging, mulch, river rock, accessories etc…

Front yard of house

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