Sodding and Grading

Sodding and Grading


New sod provides an instant lawn when you don’t have the time or patience start a lawn by seed. Georgina Garden Centre can give you that new instant green lawn you’re looking for!

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Topdressing & Over-Seeding

All lawns benefit from a topdressing & seeding program. Whether you have a thick lawn or bare spots caused by drought, insects, or other circumstances that can leave your lawn showing signs of stress. Georgina Garden Centre can rejuvenate your lawn with high quality grass seed and top dresser to help replenish a tired, bare or damaged lawn.

If you don’t want to do-it-yourself than call or email Mike for a free quote today!

Lawn Fertilizing

Lawns require fertilizer 3 times a year to maintain health and vigor. Georgina Garden Centre fertilizes lawns in the spring, summer and fall to help make your lawn thick and healthy. Give your lawn the healthy boost it needs to be the envy of the street!

If you’re not a DIY’er then call or email Mike for a free quote today!

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sodding and grading

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